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Who Told You You Were Naked?

Description of Work


A single audience member sits across from me. I have a leather-bound book and a deck of tarot cards. The audience member chooses the kind of physical contact we have, as well as the theme of the story we will tell. We read to each other a selection of chapters from the book, determined by their choice of theme. Some parts they read, some parts I do, some parts we read in silence lying on a couch together, some parts I sing. During the last chapter, outside in an unkept garden, they choose the ending, but it quickly becomes obvious that the choices they make whittle down to a choice of whether to live or kill themselves. The story is of a trans woman escaping her sexually abusive father, growing up under the care of their sister, and falling in love with a woman who comes back with her to the home of her father. It is also the story of Genesis.

Under Construction

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