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The Hour Between

Description of Work

(original title: This Damned Body Is Breathing Beside You)

This short play is performed in tandem with other events. I occupy a bedroom in a house with a party or house show going on. At any point anyone may approach me and request to see the play, at which point I take them upstairs. I allow them to choose between three different versions of the play with different levels of intimacy. In the lowest, the only physical contact we have is sitting beside each other in a cramped closet, and a kiss on the cheek. In the highest level, halfway through the piece we take off our clothes, and at the end kiss on the lips. I explain this in detail and do not lie. When they choose, I take them into the closet and the show begins. The play is simple. Me and the audience member play a secretive young couple hiding from one of their parents, as well as Adam and Eve, in the time between eating the fruit of knowledge and hearing God's footsteps in the garden.


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