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Current Projects

Mother of Abominations

June 16 & 23 at 8pm, at Big Top Thrift, in the warehouse by the train tracks, Philadelphia. Get tickets here. Get address and access details here. Part of SolowFest 2019.

Amber is a pervert. She can barely remember her childhood, but she remembers with detail every slutty fantasy she's ever jacked-off to. She's a disgusting excuse for a human being, and a worse excuse for a woman. She's hurt every poor soul she's slept with, and the only person she's loved has been dead her whole life.

If you tell yourself lies long enough, they become memories. If you dream the same dream for long enough, it transforms into truth.

Erotica theater. A fractured life told in sex scenes. A slow journey towards wholeness.

Girls Who Share Everything

The Revolution is here, or at least civil war. At long last, it has come to blood. A woman, in a cacophony of tear gas and chaos, is bandaging a fallen comrade. She is shot in the shoulder and does not feel a thing. Her wife, waiting at home three towns over, yells in pain as her shoulder suddenly shatters and bleeds. What does it mean to give yourself to somebody? (Script in development)