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Current Projects


Blood on a Steering Wheel

The drone pilot wakes up in his apartment every morning, brushes his teeth, and drives to war. The activist outside the base's walls cuts her hand open to show the commuting soldiers the blood they're spilling. He drives by her every morning, a quirk of the landscape until suddenly, violently, she becomes human. Radicalization, de-radicalization, re-radicalization. (In development)

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Last Call

God has abdicated, and the doors to Heaven are barred. Satan, with no one left to order him around, closes up shop as well. Now the dead, alone, are left to figure out what to do with eternity. It would be very very easy to fall into a routine and just play that out forever. So so easy. (In development)

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Girls Who Share Everything

The Revolution is here, or at least civil war. At long last, it has come to blood. A woman, in a cacophony of tear gas and chaos, is bandaging a fallen comrade. She is shot in the shoulder and does not feel a thing. Her wife, waiting at home three towns over, yells in pain as her shoulder suddenly shatters and bleeds. What does it mean to give yourself to somebody? (In development)

Read a sample HERE

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