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Past Projects


How to Count to a Billion

(Director's Gathering, Philadelphia, July 2019)

A short play, sung by an ensemble. A new mother in a Dunkin Donuts in Western Massachusetts tells me it would be better if the human race disappears tomorrow. Years in the future, her daughter gets to make that choice. For better or worse.

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Mother of Abominations

(self-produced in SolowFest, Philadelphia, June 2019)

Amber is a pervert. She's a disgusting excuse for a human being, and a worse excuse for a woman. If you tell yourself lies long enough, they become memories. If you dream the same dream for long enough, it transforms into truth. Erotica theater. A fractured life told in sex scenes. A slow journey towards wholeness. Part three of a trilogy of trans retellings of the bible (Revelations).

Professional Work

Blessed Amongst Women

(self-produced in SolowFest, Philadelphia, August 2017)

A solo play performed communally. Six audience volunteers tell the story with the performer, trying and failing to speak in perfect unison. A story of hospitality, queer community, and simple acts of care. Part two of a trilogy of trans retellings of the bible (Nativity).

Who Told You You Were Naked?

(with [redacted] Theater Company, Philadelphia, August 2016)

A solo play for a single audience member. We read to each other from a rewritten and queer book of Genesis, which changes every performance to meet the audience's needs. Part one of a trilogy of trans retellings of the Bible (Genesis).

This Damned Body Is Carved Out Of Meat

(with [redacted] Theater Company, Philadelphia, August 2015)

A musical with no singing. A play for two performers who love each other deeply. One wants to die, the other runs her a bath and tries to nudge her, softly, back to life.

The Hour Between

(self-produced, Philadelphia, January 2015)

A ten-minute, one-on-one experiment in intimacy. A melding of theater and consent practices. Modes of touch vary from sitting together in a cramped closet to kissing naked in a stranger's bed, depending exclusively on the expressed wishes of the audience.

This Damned Body

(with [redacted] Theater Company, online, 2014-2015)

An archive of the early stages of hormone replacement therapy, and the late stages of undiagnosed bipolar-2. Updated in real time, abandoned when I grew exhausted with navel-gazing. A failed experiment.

Juniper Street

(with [redacted] Theater Company, Philadelphia, September 2014)

A 13-hour play in three acts. The first, a woman selling everything she is to Death. The second, a communal dinner, and a meeting between ex-lovers. The last, a sleepover, with secret-telling and surviving depression and pancakes in the morning.

XY Scheherazade

(with Unstuck Theater, Philadelphia, September 2013)

The story of an assault, and an assault of stories. A survivor of rape finds solace, and then trauma, in an empty world. The constant rewriting of one abject moment explodes into a thousand stories, fired like bullets from a gun.

Directed by Meryl Sands.

Undergraduate Work

Lex & Goldaline

(Swarthmore College Honors Directing Thesis, Swarthmore, April 2014)

The audience is split in half down a branching hallway. One sees the past, one the present, but they can hear the other time echoing through the thin walls. A story of sisterhood, a story of love. The house is haunted and the hallways move.

The Real World Will Never Arrive

(Swarthmore College Honors Playwriting Thesis, Swarthmore, February 2014)

Three people have killed themselves in our high school in the last 3 weeks. How can we keep ourselves and our friends alive when the wrong move could mean another candlelight vigil?


  • Light Design for Cassandra by Thomas Whitman and Nathalie Anderson, dir. K. Elizabeth Stevens, Swarthmore PA, December 2019

  • Light Design for Let Me Die by Joseph Keckler, Curated Philadelphia Fringe Festival and Opera Philadelphia, September 2019

  • Assistant Light/FX Design for Circuit City by Moor Mother, HPFS Festival, Philadelphia, June 2019

  • Light Design for Publik/Private by Eppchez!, Philadelphia, June 2018

  • Associate Light Design for Sweat And Ink by Barcode Circus Theater, Hand-to-Hand Festival, Philadelphia, May 2018

  • Light Design for Airswimming by Charlotte Jones, with Half-Key Theater Company in the 2017 Philly Fringe Festival.

  • Set Design for Hear Me War by Sarah Galante and Jaime Jarret in the Philadelphia Women's Theater Festival, 2017

  • Light Design for They Extract! by Eppchez, with Alma's Engine, Philadelphia, May 2016

  • Sound Design for The Art of Wasting Time with [redacted] Theater Company, Philadelphia, February 2016

  • Sound Design for Peter Pan with Swarthmore College Dept of Theater, April 2014

  • Set Design for Various Shows with Brown Ledge Camp, Summer 2013

Acting Work

  • Woolen, in They Extract!  by Eppchez!, with Alma's Engine, Philadelphia, May 2016

  • Bone Song, in The Gathering of the Mother Moth People, dir. Oliver Jane, Philadelphia, May 2015

  • Lola, in Mercury Fur by Philip Ridley, dir Joshua McLucas, Swarthmore, PA, April 2015

  • Simon, in Unstuck with Unstuck Theater, Swarthmore, PA, April 2014

Older Work

  • Americamisfit by Dan Dietz (Director) Swarthmore, 2013

    • A rockabilly musical. All of American history is happening at once, and two serial killers wage personal war on Washington's ghost. (pictured)​

  • The American Masturbatory Theater Company  (Creator, Director), Swarthmore, 2013

    • An experiment in using theater to create friendship and closeness, and the pain that comes with it.

  • Cleansed by Sarah Kane (Director) Swarthmore, 2012

    • Winding through a concrete labyrinth coated in graffiti, a monster in a doctor's mask tests the limits and strength of love.

  • The Body You See In The Mirror (Writer, Director) Swarthmore, 2011

    • A young man is raped by his roommate, and his body ceases to be his own. A play about nakedness, masculinity, and abjection.

  • BOX​ (Writer, Director), Williamstown MA, 2009

    • A boy, claiming to be inventing a radio which plays the music of the stars, falls too far in love with two strangers' love.

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