Lex & Goldaline

Description of Work

The audience (around 20 people) is led into a black-box theater, in which we have constructed multiple rooms connected by hallways. Half of the audience is led into the parent's bedroom, and half into a basement living room. In the bedroom, audience A watches a story of the titular sisters growing from childhood to adolescence, focusing on their parent's divorce. In the basement room, audience B watches a story of a day where Lex, the older sister, brings her first girlfriend over, and Goldaline, 3 year younger, tries to be involved in their intimacy but can't. Periodically secret passages to magic rooms open in the walls and you see a heightened, stranger version of the world. One of the secret passages leads to a red cabaret, where the audience comes together for a brief time. Then audience A goes to the basement, audience B goes to the paren'ts bedroom, and each sees the story they missed the first time. These rooms share a wall, so the noises of the past and future drift through.


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